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Every ‘Street Fighter 6’ Character Ranked by How Much I’d Like to Sit Next to Them On a Plane

Street Fighter 6 has been out over a month now, and while the fighting game community has wasted no time sorting out their strategies and tier lists, I was shocked to find one element very underreported so far: How would these characters stack up if you had to sit next to them on a plane? As always, if you want to know something, you’ve got to write the internet list yourself. So here you go, all 18 Street Fighter 6 characters ranked by how much I’d want to sit next to them on a commercial flight. One with a meal. 

18. JP

Ok, so if in this thought experiment JP has to sit anywhere near anyone else, he’s gonna be grumpy about it. There’s just no way around it. But let’s just say he did just need a quick ticket to St. Louis or something and was cool with flying coach, it would still be a real bummer to hear this guy be a dick to the flight attendants the whole time. I don’t care if you’re a nihilist, dude. These people are at work right now. 

17. Ken

Ken sucks and watches stupid YouTube videos on his phone the whole time without using headphones. Cool Godsmack video, Ken. You want to turn that shit down?

16. E Honda

Don’t make me say it. It’s nothing personal, E. I love you. I just don’t know how long this flight is gonna be.  

15. Manon

We haven’t known Manon as long as a lot of these other characters, so forgive me for speculating a bit here, but I feel like either Manon’s gonna sit next to you with some ridiculous coat or scarf and it’s gonna annoy you the entire flight, or she will complain the whole time about how they made her check whatever bullshit thing she was trying to wear on the plane. Feels like a lose-lose here. 

14. Cammy

Rumors abound on the internet that if you sit next to Cammy on a flight she’ll inevitably end up saying “I’m Special Forces, but I really can’t talk about it,” and shit like that just over and over. Even if you have headphones in. Grow up, Cammy. We’ve all got lives. 

13. Luke

Luke’s weird, man. He will just sit there, not reading or sleeping or anything, just sitting there totally content. It’s objectively fine, but it’s unnerving as hell. What’s this guy’s deal? 

12. Lily

Lily is the classic person you don’t want to sit by because they just have too much shit with them. Really using up more than her allotment of space, you know what I mean? Cameras, an extra poncho, and what are those? Jai lai paddles? No way you need those on the flight, Lily. That’s ridiculous. 

11. Jamie 

I don’t care that he’s going to talk about being a breakdancer, and I don’t care that he smuggled his special drink onboard and is being weird about it. I do care about that hair, man. If he can keep that thing out of my alfredo when the meals come, then great, but I’m skeptical as hell when he says it’s not going to be a problem. 

10. Juri 

Ultimately a pretty good person to sit next to on a plane! She’s mostly just gonna watch really fucked up videos on her phone and laugh about it, probably a little louder than she should, but you could do way, way worse when it comes to traveling. 

9. Marisa 

This is sort of a tricky one, because on a short ride Marisa will have a few beers and gossip and just be a real fun person. Too long a flight and too many drinks, however, and Lovesick Marisa comes out. Expect a lot of weeping about how hard it is to find a partner. And don’t even think about putting your headphones in while she’s pouring her heart out to you. There are better ways to die. 

8. Chun Li 

Quiet, almost to a creepy fault, but honestly that’s the most polite thing you can do on a plane. Show some respect and be quiet right back and the flight will go smoothly. Don’t you dare ask her about doing karate. 

7. Guile 

Sitting next to sumo wrestlers and all kinds of hosses is one thing, but I really really don’t want Guile’s hair gel poking me in the ear when I’m trying to watch Black Adam. On the plus side, Guile looks like he’d smell really good, so probably some pros and cons to the whole thing. 

6. Kimberly 

You’ll never see Kimberly without her headphones, and god bless her for it when it comes to riding public transportation. If you can stop yourself from worrying about whether she’s going to make fun of you, she’d be a great person to sit next to. 

5. Dhalsim 

Dhalsim seems like he might be kind of an intense hang, but when you’re just killing a few hours on a plane he’s a fantastic person to sit with. He doesn’t mind answering questions, and if you can get past the near-nudity, he’s got a very welcoming energy. Also is pretty cool about using his long arms to snag you an extra can of Dr. Pepper from the drink cart. 


4. Blanka 

Okay, picture this, you’re boarding your plane, looking for your seat, and in the one next to yours is a giant, furry, beast-man thing. Pretty horrifying, especially once you realize this animal is not here to emotionally support anyone; he’s just flying to Cincinnati the same as you! It could be pretty freaky, but then I’d probably be like “Okay, well they let this guy on the plane, right?” and I’d like to think I would give him a chance. Also, I’m thinking that since I’m kind of a dog guy, I’d probably see pretty quickly that Blanka is actually a pretty good boy. Once you embrace it, congratulations on having a pet and a buddy next to you for the next three and a half hours. Also, if your phone supports wireless charging, just have Blanka hold onto it for a few minutes! 

3. Ryu 

You wouldn’t know it from seeing him fight for his life, but Ryu is a real funny guy. He’ll make small talk and be totally cool about answering all of the obvious fan questions. I used to work with a guy who said his brother sat next to Ryu on a plane and they drank beers and Ryu recorded a voicemail for the guy. It might have been bullshit though. I like to think it’s not. 

2. Zangief 

Sure there’d be a struggle for legroom, but I think Zangief would be very polite. And I mean, I know the odds are slim, but Zangief is the guy you want to be sitting next to in case any terrorists try anything funny up there. So there’s that. 

1. Dee Jay 

Dee Jay snuck a vape pen on the plane and is cool about sharing it. Later when he goes to the bathroom and coughs so loud the whole plane hears it, you’ll laugh a little, knowing that he’s in there joining something I call the High Mile Club.