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“They Shouldn’t Have Done All This”: We Talked to the Last Guy Still Playing ‘Redfall’ About the Game’s New Update

Redfall, Arkane Studios’ once highly anticipated first person shooter, received tepid reactions and reviews upon release earlier this year. Despite the negative response and waning player count, however, an update was released earlier this week. We sat down with the last guy that’s still playing the Xbox exclusive to get his thoughts on the tweaks and fixes found in the game’s surprising update.

Hey Lewis, thanks for agreeing to sit down and talk to us about Redfall.

“Yeah, no problem. I’ve been talking to different sites and reporters all day. It’s kind of fun!”

What keeps you playing Redfall despite its underwhelming response?

“Look, I know it’s not perfect, but I just enjoy it and find it comforting at this point. I don’t want to learn some new game, I just want to play something I know. Plus, the developers really care about the players. For example, that new update addressed a graphical corruption issue with changing resolution with AMD GPUs. Now I know why they DM’d me asking about my GPU the other day. Incredible.”

Do you find the criticisms of the game valid? 

“Oh, absolutely. The thing is a stinker. But, it was on Game Pass and my internet was being weird after I downloaded it, so I learned to love it.”

You mentioned the update. What is your favorite part of it?  

“I really like the way the game calls me by name now. It’ll say, “Great job, Lewis Bortles,” or “Try again, Lewis Bortles,” or “Can’t find any players online right now, Lewis Bortles.” It’s really neat. I wish more games could do it, but I understand why they don’t.”

Right, because they have more than one player. 

“Exactly! I really get it. Also too, that’s another reason I keep playing. They have my name in there now. I really feel like the whole team is counting on me to keep playing, so I probably will. At least until Spider-Man 2 comes out.”

Was there anything the update didn’t include that you were hoping to see? 

“Not at all, honestly. I mean let’s be real, I’m the only guy playing this game. I just kept seeing new tweaks and fixes and thinking, ‘Man, you guys really didn’t have to do all this.’”

So, there isn’t anything you would change about Redfall?

“Whoa, don’t go putting words in my mouth there, kid.”

I’m 38 years old. 

“And writing about a damn video game.”

A video game that you still play!

“I’m just saying!”

Okay, let’s all just calm down. I’ll sit down if you sit down. 

“Okay. Fine.”

As a fan of Redfall, did you enjoy Arkane Studio’s other games? 

“Whoa! They made other games before? Should I check those out, or?”

Oh yeah, you should definitely play Dishonored

“I’ll check it out. Doubt it’s better than Redfall though!”

What do you like best about Redfall

“Hey, ask me something else, would you? Something easier?”

What other games do you like to play? 

“Oh, I’m into all kinds of shit. Anthem, Babylon’s Fall, Forspoken, that last SimCity game they made. All kinds of games.”

Well, thanks one last time for the interview. I’ll leave you alone now to play some Redfall haha

“Yeah, that might be for the best. All the Arkane guys are texting me and freaking out about where the hell I am. I better get online.”