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What Are the Gamers Saying? Here Are Overwatch 2’s Historically Low Steam Reviews

Following its recent debut on Steam after no longer being exclusive to the platform, Overwatch 2 received an onslaught of negative reviews. What have gamers been saying? 

Overwatch 2 is so bad it took Overwatch 1 away from me.”

Louis Stanton, student 

“I am furious with each and every developer of the game. How dare they unanimously support the ignorant decisions of their executives.”

Leo Jensen, unemployed 

“I have not been this mad at a game developer except for several other times earlier this year.”

Troy Vaughn, delivery driver 

Overwatch? Damn! I was trying to trash that game Firewatch!”

Alex Douglas, chef

“Only after Blizzard has considered and implemented all of my demands and apologized to me and my family personally will I even consider removing my death threats.”

Wade Holloway, grocery store associate

“This bungled launch has ruined all of my favorite pornography. Shame on you, Blizzard.

Dean Skinner, student

“I give review-bombing a game I don’t like a positive review. Where can I do that?”

Wesley Nash, restaurant host

“I played Overwatch until my family left me and you repay me with this shit?!”

Nate Hooper, mechanic

“Overwatch 2? Is that a movie?”

Your mother 

“I’ve spent over 1,000 hours playing the original and I have never even so much as said the words ‘Overwatch 2’ out loud.”

Jana Booker, streamer 

“Hey fellow gamers! Wondering if anyone can help me find the right address to send my death threats to. Thank you so much for your help!”

Holly Levine, librarian

“THIS SUCKS! Edit: Sorry, I thought this was Firewatch. Anyone else confused?”

Fred Douglas, sous-chef 

“Fuck this game. $25,000 down the drain.”

Gary Simpson, unemployed

“I’d rather take a bullet to the head than play another second of Overwatch 2.”

Dwane “The Rock” Johnson, movie star

“I think it’s good actually.”

The Devil, yep that’s right the Devil liked it — some pretty hard-hitting satire, eh?