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Every Overwatch Hero Ranked By How Good of a Streamer They Would Be

Despite everything Overwatch 2 has gotten right, it seems that mistakes being made around the game are inevitable. And with the Hero Mode PvE experience getting canceled, it seems very possible that the game’s heroes are going to be looking for a new line of work soon. This is every hero in Overwatch 2 at the time of writing, ranked by how likely they could successfully pivot to a career of live streaming and content creation.

#37 — Moira

Moira is going to get banned in a matter of days for promoting her alternative medicines. She might be able to grow an audience on other social media platforms if she rants about “cancel culture” enough, but streaming just isn’t for her.

#36 — Sombra

Sombra creates bots for nearly all of her viewers. If might work for a while, but when every comment with the word “shirt” has 50 replies with links, it won’t be long before she looks suspicious.

#35 — Roadhog

Roadhog’s live streams are just too awkward. He’ll occasionally talk to chat, but most of the stream just features him breathing too heavily into the mic.

#34 — Ana

Sorry, but Ana’s just too old to be a successful streamer. Maybe she’s got some insightful commentary, or incredible aim in Counter-Strike, but it’s not worth sticking through the myriad of technical issues to find out.

#33 — Junker Queen

Junker Queen needs to learn how to keep her volume low. A chatter asked her to turn it down a lot and she said “HOW’S THIS?” in the loudest boom you’ve ever heard in your life.

#32 — Bastion

Bastion simply isn’t built to be a streamer. In the modern landscape of react content, some beeps and changing lights just aren’t going to cut it. How is this bot going to make content like a drive-thru challenge?

#31 — Cole Cassidy

Cassidy has shown that he just doesn’t have what it takes to have good branding. Changing your name out of seemingly nowhere isn’t going to sit well with followers of your platform!

#30 — Symmetra

Symmetra is too much of a corporate shill to make it to the top of the streaming landscape. It would be one thing if she started from humble roots and became a corporate mouthpiece after gaining fans, but starting as Vishkar spokesperson who wants to build the “perfect society” is going to turn a lot of people off.

#29 — Zenyatta

Zenyatta is so close to being a great streamer. Wellness and fitness streamers can gather big audiences, but the problem is his religious subtext. I’m just trying to meditate with you man, stop asking if I’ve had “my awakening” or if I’ve “accepted the Iris.”

#28 — Hanzo

Hanzo would be a great streamer’s friend, but not a streamer himself. He doesn’t have the comedic chops to be a content creator, but if he showed up in a Ludwig video titled “3 streamers vs. 1 professional archer,” I wouldn’t be shocked.

#27 — Sigma

Sigma just gets loads of chat messages reading “????” because he keeps asking about what that music is. There’s no sound, dude! However, showing his feet so willingly is bound to get a few dedicated viewers regardless.

#26 — Soldier: 76

Soldier just accidentally clicked “Start Streaming” on OBS after his grandson installed it on his computer. Once he noticed he was live, he just started telling war stories and people love it! He’ll never get a really big audience, but the 10-20 viewers he gets are dedicated ones!

#25 — Torbjorn

Torb could make some incredible gadgets that would draw a lot of viewers. They would draw a lot of viewers, if his temper wasn’t so short. The minute a chatter calls him short, they’re instantly & permanently banned. He has a high ceiling, but it’s only a matter of time until he’s out of chatters.

#24 — Echo

All Echo does is copy other people’s streams. She’ll be shamed off the platform once she bites off a bit more than she can chew and tries to make her own Streamer Awards.

#23 — Pharah

Pharah is a good streamer and incredible gamer. It’s just a shame that the U.S. Army recruitment watermark is a constant reminder of her real motives on the bottom left corner. She thinks we don’t notice it, but we notice.

#22 — Tracer

Tracer isn’t used to not being the main character, and it shows. She gets fine view numbers, but every creator says she’s a nightmare to collab with.

#21 — Baptiste

Baptiste loves playing Pokemon ROM hacks and fangames. He’s not one of the biggest streamers in the community, but is super active in conversation with his chat. Emerald Rogue is his favorite!

#20 — Genji

Genji spends a lot of his time playing speedruns of Mario Odyssey. Not the most charismatic guy in the world, but he accidentally discovered the “Genji Skip” on stream in Luncheon Kingdom, so maybe he’ll get a viewership boost from a Summoning Salt video.

#19 — Reaper

Reaper can try all he likes, but to the wider community, he’ll always just be a poor man’s Corpse Husband.

#18 — Orisa

Orisa plays GTA Online while obeying every single traffic law. Her viewers laugh and think it’s a bit, but she really just loves driving. Whatever works!

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