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Top Ten ‘Mortal Kombat 1’ Fatalities Ranked By How Awkward the Funeral Would Be

Mortal Kombat 1 rewrites the history of the Mortal Kombat Universe, introducing a new timeline and catapulting the franchise into the future. However, despite the change in story and scenery, one thing remains the same: a lot of people die in this game. Dating back to 1992, the Mortal Kombat fatalities have become some of the most iconic deaths in video game history. But what happens after the screen fades to black? What becomes of the slain foe? And what would their loved ones think of their brutal demise? These are the top 10 Mortal Kombat 1 fatalities ranked by how awkward the funeral would be.

#10. Cyrax – Annihilation

Good news! No need for an awkward funeral when this fatality disintegrated the entire planet.

#9. Mileena – Appetizer

The entire congregation knows Mileena snacked on your brain like Olive Garden breadsticks. Now can we hurry the eulogy up? Everyone’s starving!

#8. General Shao – Spin Cycle

It’s taboo to gossip about how the dearly departed died at their own funeral. But if you were spun around like a windmill until the velocity tore your flesh from your body, word would get around pretty quick.

#7. Sindel – Hair Comes Trouble

After Sindel removes your arms, skull, and spinal cord from your body, she keeps it as a souviner, leaving your corpse looking like a caved-in CPR dummy. I suggest a closed casket for the service.

#6. Frost – Breaking Point

This fatality leaves nothing left than a skeleton wearing shoes. It must be embarrassing knowing your casket may as well be full of Halloween decorations.

#5. Havik – Atomic Heart

“Did you hear how they passed? Some guy ripped his heart out, planted his own heart in the empty cavity, and detonated it like a C4. It’s a shame when good people fall into the wrong crowds” – Aunt Cathy

#4. Johnny Cage – Hollywood Walk of Pain

Not only is this an embarrassing way to die, but your killer posted it to Instagram and got thousands of likes. There’s no doubt that video isn’t being sent around the post burial reception like a TikTok of a dog and a lion that became friends.

#3. Kitana – Royal Blender

This fatality leaves anything left of your dead body as unrecognizable muck. Imagine your closest friends paying their respects at an open casket full of boney, fleshy, goop.

#2. Reptile – Indigestion

The ultimate insult after death is being regurgitated by the beast that killed you. Great, now your half digested body is gonna stink up the whole wake!

#1. Nitara – Vaeternus KomBAT

Are you happy now? Grandma won’t come to the funeral because she thinks you’re gonna turn into a vampire. She’s convinced the 1,000 bats that flew down your throat and out your abdomen is an omen or something.