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“Incompetent, Cluttered, and DC’s Third Best Movie Ever” — Everything We Know About Blue Beetle

The newest entry to the DC Extended Universe releases August 17! Blue Beetle drops this week, but who is this comic book hero? Where does it take place in the DC Universe? Here is everything we know about Blue Beetle!

What will the film’s reception be?

An incompetent, cluttered mess, making it the third best DCEU entry overall

Is Blue Beetle a popular character in the comics?

Blue Beetle is a virtually unknown footnote in comics only worthy of getting three or four solo movies

Where can you watch Blue Beetle?

On an airplane in 2025

What movies do you need to see before to enjoy it?

To best enjoy Blue Beetle, it would be ideal if you have never seen another movie in your entire life

What does your mom think it’s called?

Bloob Eebly

What number is the movie projected to do?

40% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Is James Gunn involved with the film?

While he did not direct, Gunn was onset and in the writer’s room to know everything he’ll have to retcon next year

Who is the villain of the film?

Susan Sarandon’s agent

Will any big stars make cameos?

DC has not revealed any secret cameos in the film, but for a list of possibilities, google any superhero actor that has died in the last 20 years. 

What will the post-credits scene be?


Does the Blue Beetle have superpowers? 

Yes. Err, no. Wait, I don’t know. 

Will other DCEU stars attend the premiere? 

Black Adam and Shazam stars Dwayne Johnson and Zachary Levi have agreed to attend the film’s Hollywood premiere and talk loudly through the entire screening. 

Will Ben Shapiro be going to see Blue Beetle? 

Ben Shapiro has announced that he will see the film on opening night, in full costume. 

Who’s playing Batman in this film? 

More people than reasonably ought to. 

When will Blue Beetle be available on streaming? 

This Sunday. 

Did George Lopez have a good time making the film? 

Lopez’s stunning silence on the matter continues, but most experts seem to agree that he probably had a pretty good time shooting his scenes in Blue Beetle.

What is Blue Beetle’s competition? 

A talking dog movie, and people deciding to do something more exciting on the way to the theater. 

Who is the target audience for Blue Beetle?

“Anyone,” said one DC executive. “Please god just anyone.” 

If I enjoy Blue Beetle, what other films should I check out? 

I wouldn’t worry about it. 

What’s next for Blue Beetle? 

A collaboration with Batgirl.