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Everywhere You Can Purchase ‘Starfield’ Day One

As the release of Starfield approaches, the highly anticipated RPG from Bethesda will be available at different times for different players, depending on the version of the game they bought. On top of that confusion, it can often be hard to know where the heck you even go to buy a game anymore. Here’s our guide to all of the retailers confirmed to be selling Starfield when it releases on September 6.

Wal-Mart Supercenter

If you feel like saving six cents on your copy of the new Bethesda RPG, you can head down to the big store that’s killed more small American businesses than random drug tests!

Amazon Prime

If you still prefer physical copies of video games delivered to you by someone that probably urinated inside of a van that day, there’s really only one place left you can go. It’s Amazon.


They’ll have a bunch of copies at your local Target. If the line is too long, just walk out of there without paying. They won’t miss one little video game!

Dealin’ Don Baker’s Used Cars up there on 14th

If you come on down to Dealin’ Don Baker’s this week and get yourself in a new or pre-owned vehicle, he’ll throw a copy of Starfield in the trunk! Very cool, Don.

Verizon Wireless

Right now if you sign up for two lines for two years on unlimited plans and buy two brand new iPhone 14’s, you’ll receive a download code for a copy of Starfield. Wait. That’s a terrible deal. Go to one of the other places on this list.

Pizza Hut

Students that signed up for the ‘Eat Two Dozen Pizzas This Summer and Get a Free Copy of Starfield’ promotion only have a few days left to ingest enough pan pizzas to qualify. Once again, reporting on this promotion does not mean Hard Drive endorses it.


They might get a copy or two, if there’s room on the truck after they load up the Funko Pops. Availability may differ by location.

Under this bridge

Cash only, and the game might not have the case. Actually, I think that’s true for GameStop now as well.

Your bank

Go ask them at your bank, they’re getting a few copies for members that have savings accounts. You gotta go in though, they won’t fit through the drive thru tube! 


If you get the same from an online retailer, you can purchase and play the entire game without saying a single word out loud! 

Corner store

It’s not like, actually Starfield, but they have some comparable games for a good price. I’ve heard good things about Stormfield and Field of Stars.

Under a big rock

Bethesda has confirmed that 100 random stones across the country will be hiding a brand new copy of Starfield. Time to get out there and touch rocks, gamers!






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