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Every MCU Avenger’s Favorite Video Game

The MCU has dominated the box office for over a decade now and countless articles have been written about the film universe. Somehow no one has thought to ask: what video games are these superheroes playing? Until now.

Iron Man: Candy Crush Saga

Tony Stark claims to love cutting-edge games that push the boundaries of technology. That’s a lie. He only plays addictive mobile where his infinite money makes up for any lack of skil or luckl. He’s spent literal millions of dollars on Candy Crush

Okoye: Dark Souls 

Okoye thinks video games are a waste of time and scolds Shuri anytime she catches her playing them. But she did get roped into trying Dark Souls when she heard everyone talking about how hard it was and played it non-stop until she beat the game. 

Captain America: Chrono Trigger

After being unfrozen Cap played through all of the most acclaimed games and landed on Chrono Trigger as the best. He cries like a baby every time he gets to the part where Chrono dies. 

Bruce Banner: Animal Crossing

A lot of video games are too stressful for Bruce to play without hulking out. Fortunately, Animal Crossing is a nice relaxing game he can sink a seemingly infinite amount of time into. 

The Hulk: Kinect Adventures

Hulk destroys any controller he holds, so motion controls are his only real option. He loves Kinect Adventures but has destroyed many houses after jumping through the roof and floor playing the whitewater rafting mini-game. 

Smart Hulk: Just Dance 3

With the intelligence of Bruce Banner and the strength of Hulk, Smart Hulk still can’t use a controller but desires something a little more interesting than Kinect Adventures. That’s where Just Dance comes in. 3 is his favorite because it has “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen. 

Thor: God of War

The original series, to be clear. He considered the reboot both sacrileges and laugh-worthy. He would easily destroy Kratos in combat. 

Black Widow: Mario Party

Most people think Mario Party is a game of chance but Natasha knows better. She understands that Mario Party, like espionage, is about gathering information and manipulating people’s emotions. She knows every game’s bonus stars, every map’s gimmick, and can talk her way out of getting her star stolen every single time. 

Nick Fury: Suikoden 

He really likes assembling a party of destined heroes to save the world. It’s kind of his whole deal. 

Wasp: Mario Kart

Hope has very little interest in video games. But when she does let Scott talk her into playing Mario Kart with him Hope gets competitive enough to use her blasters mid-race if she thinks she’s going to lose. 

Winter Soldier: Tetris

It’s the only game he was allowed to play when he was the Winter Soldier. He’s really good at it. 

Hawkeye: Ghost of Tsushima 

Hawkeye told his wife he had to play Ghost of Tsushima to make amends to the people of Japan for all the murders he did there. After he finished Kate Bishop saw him shed a single tear and whisper “My blood debt is repaid. You’re welcome Japan.” 

Shuri: Fortnite 

Shuri plays a lot of games but she plays Fortnite every single night. Despite being really good, she’s not competitive, she just wants to unlock dances. She’s Gen Z through and through.


Quicksilver: Pokemon Go

Quicksilver’s speed makes most games too slow for him to enjoy. He really would have liked Pokemon Go because he could have hit every Pokestop in the state in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, he died before it came out. 

Scarlet Witch: The Sims

Before turning to dark magics and reality-bending Scarlet Witch got really into The Sims. She liked it a lot at first but then her sim family died so she played all the other families and drowned them in swimming pools. Someone should really talk Wanda into grief counselling. 

Vision: Persona 5

Vision likes Persona 5 for its strategic combat, bold art direction, and exploration of Jungian philosophy. He also enjoys the simulated friendships which he thinks of as practice for social interaction. That said he’s a real prude about the problematic romance options. 

War Machine: Enter the Gungeon

Tony bought this for him as a gag gift but Rhodie actually got really into it. Now he’s constantly trying to get other people to play it so he can talk about all the secret boss fights and weapon synergies. 

Spider-Man: The Last of Us

We already know the MCU version of Peter Parker is into really old media so it’s no surprise his favorite game is this super old, obscure game called The Last of Us. Have you ever heard of it? 

Falcon/Captain America: Starfox 

Sam Wilson is a feathery and his first childhood crush was Falco. He really wishes Nintendo could figure out how to make another good Starfox. Us too, Sam, us too. 

Captain Marvel: Ms. Pac-Man

Carol Danvers was abducted from Earth in 1989 so most of her gaming experiences were in an arcade. No, incels she’s not into Ms. Pac-Man because it has a female character it’s just the way better version of Pac-Man

Nebula: Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Nebula is new to Earth video games and she immediately became obsessed with Fire Emblem: Three Houses. She claims to like the combat, but she’s been caught by multiple people whispering “and now they will kiss” to herself while she plays. 

Rocket: Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Like Nebula, Rocket only knows modern games. Fortunately, Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the perfect game for him. It’s all tinkering, stealing body parts, and making janky machines. He’s played hundreds of hours and hasn’t done any of the temples. 

Ant-Man: Rock Band 3

Ant-Man canonically owns and plays Rock Band. Rock Band 3 is his favorite because he’s a big keytar guy. 

Black Panther: Final Fantasy Tactics  

T’Challa is a big-time gamer who loves RPGs. Final Fantasy Tactics drew him in with its flawless tactical combat but he found its themes about history, power, and religion resonated with his own experiences as royalty. 

Dr. Strange: Pokemon 

Dr. Strange is a long-time competitive Pokémon player. He used to use his photographic memory with a comprehensive knowledge of every possible ability, move set, and interaction to obliterate children. Now that he has magic he just looks into the future to cheat.