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Elon Musk Fans React to Twitter’s Rebranding to X

Everyone has things to say about the Twitter rebrand to “X.” We spoke to people around the country to get their opinion on the matter.

Tyler Craigly, Engineer

“Elon Musk is an undisputed genius for whatever he did this time”

Michelle Weeks, Postal Worker

“He’s not just changing the name like some idiots think. He’s also changing the logo.”

Kevin McCarthy, Discord Mod

“Having an Everything App will allow me to be racist, sexist, and homophobic all in one place” 

Joe Rogan, Podcast Host

“Woah, so like, it’s just one letter? Usually words are multiple letters, but this is just one? Insane. I’m going to need a three-hour interview to get to the bottom of this”

Cameron Grimble, Electrician

“I’m sure Musk will have some very poignant Rage Comics explaining the companies new direction”

Michael Farrell, Retail Employee

“Somehow, some way, this is trolling the woke Libtards. I just have to figure out how”

Emily Franco, Stylist

“See? He won’t be ruining Twitter anymore. He’ll be ruining X”

Grimes, Musician 

“I can feel that the vibrations of my senses tell me that Elon is very unhappy. I hope he finds peace knowing that I am still being railed out on the daily”

Angelica Ruiz, Astronaut

“I think it’s a great idea and he should put all his focus into this new venture, instead of getting involved with the rocket ship I’m going to be piloting, which I’m definitely not afraid is going to explode immediately after taking off”

Carl Kelley, school child 

“Did you hear that the X is blinking in morse code? I haven’t looked up what it’s saying yet, but I’m pretty sure it wants me to burn down my house”

Kenny French, guy who always says “That’s a spicy meatball!”

“That’s a spicy meatball!”

Stacy38924934592383, Twitter Bot

“Hey baby, like what you see? Click link in my bio for unlimited sexy chat NOW”

Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted sex offender and socialite 

“Another win for my well documented buddy, Elon!” 

Morgan Baker, entrepreneur 

“Does he need my routing number yet?”

Ivan Kline, Twitter engineer, I mean X engineer 

“Great job, sir. Please don’t fire me.” 

Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader 

“I… it’s…” 

Casper O’Neal, bartender 

“I’ll pay you eight bucks to put my answer at the top of your article, okay?” 

Sal Peterson, manager, Dick’s Sporting Goods 

“What a great call by Elon. That recognizable name and branding was really holding them back.” 

Gary Reilly, unemployed 

“I heard that he’s changing ‘retweets’ to ‘reposts’ too, now that he got a new sign up on the roof. I think after that is when he’s sending everyone to Mars.” 

Otis Wells, restaurant manager 

“Yeah, that’s great. What does this mean for the development of the ugliest truck I’ve ever seen in my life?” 

Connor Hardy, college student 

“Has he said if ‘X’ is going to be wall to wall ads for Cheech and Chong gummies as well?”

David Zaslov, CEO of Max 

“We bet a yacht on who could rename their company something worse. Looks like I owe that little weirdo a new boat.”