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Can’t Wait for Disco Elysium 2? Here’s 8 Subreddits You Can Start Political Arguments In

Can’t wait for Disco Elysium 2? Really mad because they forced out the original team and fucked the sequel up? Don’t worry, there’s a better, cheaper way to get your fix: here are eight political subreddits where you can start heady, philosophical discussions by accusing people of being too communist or not communist enough.


This seems like a stretch, but have you ever, like, thought about pokemon? It’s about children making animals fight! It’s fucked up! There’s no way people know! Join r/pokemon and tell them! Hurry!


Not only is this a great place to stay informed on what’s going on in the world, but you can accuse everything of being fake regime propaganda and probably start some interesting, nuanced discussions that get everybody banned.


This community of grass-likers has had it too good for too long. Anyone with a lawn is a fascist.


On this subreddit, you’re only supposed to provide medical expertise if you’re a doctor… but that’s not going to stop you from diagnosing every ailment people have as “just capitalism.”


You know what nobody’s ever done before? Speculated which King of the Hill characters would vote for Trump or not! You could be a trailblazer!


You can dunk on feudalists for not even having a market economy, or just complain about having to wait over a decade for a damn book. People on this sub will be very sympathetic.


Some of those puppies are probably communists and nobody will know unless you tell them!


If all else fails, just post literally anything here and it’ll probably devolve into the exact kind of shitshow you’re looking for. Enjoy.