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YouTuber Running Out of Opinions to Monetize Just Gonna Pretend He Thinks Ghibli Movies Are Bad

DALLAS, TX — Now depleted entirely of opinions he can just throw into the void and make money off of, a local YouTuber has decided to start making up new ones, including that the widely enjoyed Studio Ghibli movies are bad.

Spirited Away is gorgeous, and it’s nothing more than that. The twist with Haku being not only the dragon but also the lake at the same time? It’s confusing at best and pretentious and contrived at worst,” said YouTuber LazloShrike421 in a recent video essay. “And I get that Miyazaki’s all about the environment and being anti-war and stuff but… A pig flying a plane? You don’t think that’s a bit much? That would definitely be bad for the environment.”

On a podcast interview with The Gaming Think Tank however, Lazlo would have a somewhat different tone.

“Oh, Spirited Away’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen,” he said vigorously nodding his head. “It’s just that I’ve been doing YouTube for two years now and to be honest… I’ve run out of opinions on media to monetize. Like, what am I gonna do? Get creative? Do something even remotely new? No, I’m just gonna start saying whatever for content.”

When the viewer questions segment came up, a rather awkward one sent before Lazlo made his admission was read out.

“Gotta say I was so relieved to see someone finally have the correct take on Porco Rosso,” read the comment from NunuUnchained. “Pigs flying planes would be bad for the environment. And what the hell kinda precedent is Miyazaki even trying to set? Is he saying pigs should be getting pilots licenses instead of rolling around in the mud and being delicious? What’d happen to the meat industry? I worry about the future of our society with the cultural impact some of these films have, but I’m glad media literacy isn’t dead just yet with guys like us around.”

To conclude the podcast, Lazlo excitedly announced that he’ll be keeping a vigilant eye on The Boy and The Heron’s metacritic score, so that he can publish an hour-long video essay on the rise and fall of Studio Ghibli should the movie be rated 5% or more below the studio’s average.