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Wrestler Faces Career-Threatening Neck Injury From Years of Watching TV at 45 Degree Angle

TORONTO — Tragedy has struck the wrestling world as a young up-and-coming wrestler on the Toronto independent scene is facing a career threatening neck injury thanks to years of watching television at a 45 degree angle.

Wrestler “Turbo” Ned Tyson has wanted to be a wrestler since he was a kid but his body may force him to choose another career path.

“I fell in love with wrestling when I was 7 and by 13 I knew it’s what I wanted to do,” said Tyson. “They always tell you not to try this at home but I didn’t listen, I wanted to do what they do so I started watching TV at a 45 degree angle while standing with the TV kinda to my back.”

Years of watching TV from this angle have finally caught up to the 25-year-old.

“The human body is not meant to watch TV this way,” said neck specialist Austin Baker. “It’s completely unnatural for the neck to be situated like this while watching television. Mr. Tyson has spent so long watching TV like this that the muscles in his neck have become distorted. It is in my medical opinion that Mr. Tyson will never wrestle again. Any more 45 degree TV watching will do permanent damage to his neck. With enough time of proper television viewing habits, he still has a chance at a normal life.”

Tyson’s mother blames herself.

“I knew it was dangerous for him to be watching TV like that but I wanted to support his dreams. He said to make it to WWE this is what he had to do,” said Arlene Tyson.

Tyson is hopeful he can make it back to the ring.

“I don’t think this is the end for me. It can’t be since I won my last match.”

At press time, Tyson reportedly stole an ambulance from the local medical facility to drive to his next match at the last minute.