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Wow! YouTuber’s Video Topic Lines Up Perfectly With Their Recent Experiences on SkillShare

NEW YORK — Viewers were stunned to discover a recent video essay from YouTuber MoviePhoneSam happened to have a lot in common with a recent online course the content creator took on SkillShare. 

“Now, Eddie Brock got in a lot of trouble trying to sell fake pictures to the Daily Bugle, but editing photographs isn’t actually as hard as it seems, as I learned in a recent Photoshop course I took on SkillShare,” said MoviePhoneSam at the end of their video “Why Spider-Man 3 Is An Underrated CLASSIC!” “ You too can learn tools and expertise that can help you nail that job interview, discover a new hobby, and more with my promo code MOVIEPHONE. Just don’t tell Jonah!”

Many recent SkillShare users reported serendipity between their use of the platform and recent events in their lives. 

“I was sitting in Central Park the other day and people kept coming up to ask me to take pictures of them in front of Bethesda Fountain,” said freelancer Carol North. “This isn’t too unusual, it’s a hotspot for tourists after all. But I had just that morning finished a course on iPhone photography. It felt too weird to just be a coincidence, right?”

When reached for comment, SkillShare CEO Derek Braverman praised the company’s recent success, but expressed concern about its effect on its customers. 

“Here’s the thing. I’m happy to sell more subscriptions. But we’re not making deals with these people. This is happening on its own. We don’t even have a marketing department!”

At press time, President Joe Biden announced the recent prisoner exchange with Iran had a lot in common with a course they recently took on negotiating contracts through SkillShare.

Editors Note: Working on this article was made so much easier thanks to a recent course on maintaining focus while writing.