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TV Character Has Longer Hair in This Scene So You Know It’s a Flashback

ATLANTA — A character in the hit television series Anaesthesia Blues was shown with longer hair in one scene so that viewers would know that it was a flashback scene, according to those familiar with the situation.

“At first, I was like, whoa, why does Marcus look slightly different? Then he pulled out a flip phone, and I was like, whoa, why did Marcus get rid of his iconic iPhone to start using one of those old Nokias? Then he started complaining about President George W. Bush, and I was like, whoa, why is he so hung up on such an old president? Then Lindsay showed up in the scene, and I was like, whoa, is she a ghost? Didn’t she die three seasons ago? That’s when I realized that Marcus’ hair was shaggier than normal, so it must have been a scene that took place in a year before the show started,” said Anaesthesia Blues viewer Lex MacDonald. “I appreciate when the show gives me little hints to help me figure out when the scene takes place.”

According to longtime Anaesthesia Blues writer Caine Schneider, Marcus’ longer hair was an intentional voice to help viewers understand the scene better.

“The longer hair was crucial to setting the date of the scene, because, as everyone knows, your hair is longer when you’re younger,” Schneider explained in a behind-the-scenes interview that followed the airing of the show’s newest episode. “Everything else about the character can stay the same, though, of course. It doesn’t matter if the actor is 20 years older than they should be in that scene, so long as they wear a floppy wig — that’s how you know it’s in the past. If we ever do a scene in the future, we’ll make sure to give Marcus a comb-over. It’s like how you know a scene is in Mexico if it’s orange, but for time.”

At press time, Anaesthesia Blues was reportedly in danger of being canceled by HBO Max due to its extensive hair and make-up budget of one shaggy wig.