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“This Is Almost Lynchian,” Remarks Man Looking at Photo of David Lynch

TORONTO — Local cinephile Eric Fellows reportedly remarked that his situation had become almost Lynchian after looking at a photo of infamous actor and director David Lynch

“My God, this is, dare I say, almost Lynchian,” Fellows said, viewing a .JPEG of David Lynch on Wikipedia. “It’s so surreal, I can’t tell where the lines of reality begin to blur and the strange and the mundane have begun to seamlessly mix. This photo really reminds me of David Lynch, if you know who that is. Just on first glance, this photo clearly draws inspiration from things like Eraserhead or Twin Peaks, and it’s commitment to mystery and menace pays homage to Lynch’s early work. This picture is so open to interpretation, so vague and unpredictable, yet visually arresting. While I wasn’t sure I liked it at first, after revisiting this picture four or five times I can tell now it is a masterpiece.”

Fellows’ friends have apparently begun to tire of him comparing everything to the iconic director.

“Everything is Lynchian to him,” roommate Michaela Gryan said. “I can see his face change when he’s about to use the word, he thinks it’s so intelligent. I don’t know or care who David Lynch is, but I’m fairly certain that when our microwave broke it wasn’t ‘a Mulholland Drive pastiche.’ Ironically, after I’ve come to learn a bit more about what Lynchian means, the only thing that’s actually like a David Lynch movie is me living with him, which is a bizarre twisting of normal reality until I feel like I’m going insane.”

At press time, Fellows had reportedly taken to social media to recommend a book by Franz Kafka, which Fellows described as being ‘frighteningly Kafkaesque.’