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These Are All the Users Leaving Netflix at the End of the Month

Heads up, Netflix users! It’s that time again, where the month cycles over and a wide swath of old titles leave your favorite streaming service. Although due to several internal controversies, a dilapidated streaming library, and steadily increasing corporate greed, there are loads of users leaving Netflix at the end of this month. Here are all the users leaving Netflix at the end of the month!

Nancy Herbert (71)

A registered nurse and former National Spelling Bee competitor, you’ll sure miss Nancy when she cancels her Netflix subscription when her social security rewards are scaled back in April!

Phillip Herbert (68)

Nancy’s loyal husband of 43 years, Phillip Herbert took his wife’s last name in an effort to show support for female progressivism! Definitely check out this Netflix user before he’s gone!

Simon Drench (31)

Haunted House Operator Simon Drench will be canceling his Netflix subscription as a powerful symbolic gesture that will hopefully force him to get more into reading this year!

Arnold Schmidt (17)

Mom will take away Netflix until he apologizes to his cousin Marissa for what he did to her over Christmas

Larry Wolfish (1)

Newborn Larry Wolfish will have his subscription canceled by his parents after they realize a one year old can’t truly appreciate the nuances of The Umbrella Academy yet.

Anna-May Cregley (45)

Will switch to Peacock

Alysha Bolton (23)

Will switch to Peacock

Cecil Jefferson (50)

Will become a peacock

Terrence Stone

Accidentally eats his television mistaking it for a large, rectangular hotdog

Mikayla Mccann (22)

Cancels her Netflix subscription to pursue his life-long dream of canceling a Netflix subscription

Maya Conner

Premium subscription will cancel automatically when she dies April 23rd

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