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The Sims Movie to Be Classified as Foreign Language Film

LOS ANGELES — LuckyChap and EA announced that The Sims movie is set to be classified as a foreign language film thanks to plans for all of the dialogue to be in Simlish.

Producer Margot Robbie explained the reasoning behind the decision.

“We want to be completely authentic to the series, not just for the fans but also for artistic integrity. If you’re going to change such a vital element then you might as well make something else,” said Robbie. “We’re going to make sure the whole cast can speak fluent Simlish. We’re currently in the process of looking for experts in the language, which — admittedly, is proving tough — because a lot of them are not willing to leave their basements.”

“Video game films generally don’t get much respect from film critics and awards bodies, but the foreign language classification means they’ll have to take it seriously. The Academy barely watches anything in the foreign category so we’re a shoo-in to get a nomination by default. They’ll just give it to us assuming we’re serious.”

Director Kate Herron says the foreign language classification is what drew her to the project.

“I’m just coming off of directing Loki, so I was really trepidatious about signing on to do a video game-themed movie. I can’t go from one unserious project to another — but once they told me the actors would be speaking Simlish, I was in. I knew that having the film in any language other than English would ensure it is taken seriously by the Hollywood elite.”

Kyle Scott, a Sims enthusiast, had mixed feelings about the news.

“I’m really excited that they’re making a Sims movie, and the fact that they’re respecting the games by having them in Simlish is awesome,” Scott said. “But I don’t really watch movies that aren’t in English. I’m not one of those film snobs who loves reading subtitles so I can feel superior to everyone. Besides, who wants to read while they’re trying to watch a movie?”

At press time, nerd-centric podcasts have begun deeming the film as pretentious.

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