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The Sims Movie Projected to Earn 2 Billion Dollars at Box Office Thanks to Motherlode Cheat

LOS ANGELES — Even though it hasn’t started filming yet The Sims movie is projected to earn 2 billion at the box office as LuckyChap Entertainment confirmed they will be using the ‘motherlode’ cheat.

Margot Robbie explained the use of the cheat as part of the production. 

“Making a movie profitable is hard. Actors, sets, time, all of these things eat into the budget and need to be counterbalanced by ticket sales to make a movie successful,” said Robbie. “But while we were discussing a possible budget, we found out we could just hold control, shift, and c on the design document to open the cheat menu. From there all we had to do was type ‘motherlode’ to generate 50,000$ in ticket sales. Take that, James Cameron”

To reach these record-breaking sales figures, however, the production leads had to sacrifice some creativity.

“Making two billion dollars in fifty thousand dollar increments is a time-consuming process so much so that we’ve had the writers inputting the code over and over again rather than writing an actual script. Writing things like ‘freebee jay’ and ‘boobasnoot’ over and over again is what writers are for anyway,” said Robbie

When asked at what point they intended to stop, LuckyChap Financial Officer Sally Condor didn’t have a clear answer.

“I don’t know. Once we beat Avatar I guess? We need to make sure we have enough capital to build the set and make the family look just right.” So far they have input the code 40,000 times, a process which has taken weeks. We still haven’t found the time to get a ladder for the pool, who knows if we will at this point? We’ll probably just use green screen and CGI to make the house and customize the characters.”

At press time, sources report that none of the increased funds will go to the overworked VFX crew.

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