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The 20 Best Star Wars Quotes I Can Remember Off the Top of My Head

A long time ago, someplace really far away…

If you grew up watching the Star Wars trilogy like I did, then that and about a dozen other lines are permanently etched into your brain, whether you like it or not. There are a couple of pretty good lines in those other eight movies they made, too. The scenes and dialogue are so vivid, they live in my head, where I can replay them any time I’d like. With that in mind, here are my 20 favorite Star Wars quotes that I can recall perfectly without looking them up or anything, no problem. To infinity and beyond! 


#1. “I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you and use the bathroom if they’ve given you one.” – Luke Skywalker

Who can forget Luke’s iconic line when Luke first meets Princess Leia? Subsequent rereleases and Special Editions have scrubbed the second half of the line, but us old school fans still quote it whenever we ask a comic book store if they have a toilet we can use.

#2. “Do, or do not. See if I give a shit.” 

Yoda just had that unique way of talking, didn’t he? Not hard to tell why he’s a fan-favorite. 

#3. “Luke, I am your Poppa.” – Darth Vader

I get goosebumps every time I see this scene. Well, I imagine I would at least. Haven’t actually watched it in a long time. I’ve seen Spaceballs a bunch, though. 

#4. “Meesa use force like the Jedi!” – Jar-Jar Binks

Jar-Jar Binks is controversial to say the least, but you have to admit, the part where he cut Darth Maul in half with only his mind is sick as hell, if I’m remembering correctly. 

#5. “I am Emporer Palpatine, and I am back for some reason” – Palpatine

Chills. Absolute chills.

#6. “I feel pretty good about all of this.” – C-3PO

Fans have long adored C-3PO’s never say die attitude, encapsulated well by his signature catchphrase, repeated throughout the saga. Love that guy. 

#7. “Man that was a hell of a Star War.” – Luke Skywalker

Part of what makes The Empire Strikes Back such an unforgettable film is this beautiful ending, where the rebels reflect on being down, but not out.

#8. “Chewbacca, put down the gun!” – Han Solo 

I don’t think any of us saw this part coming in The Force Awakens.

#9. “I need more gasoline for my motorcycle.” – George Lucas

Alfred Hitchcock gets a lot of attention for his cameos in his work, but George Lucas was also known to slip himself into his films, often at the expense of a scene’s purpose. Fans still aren’t sure why this part needed to be in A New Hope, but whatever. It’s his movie. 

#10. “The rebels are using a shiny droid I made when I was a little kid.” – Darth Vader

Many have said that the reveal in The Phantom Menace that Anakin build C-3PO was a pointless inclusion that was strangely not mentioned throughout the rest of the saga, but those fans must have forgot about this pivotal scene in Return of the Jedi (or maybe it was Empire!) where Darth Vader tells Palpatine all about it. 

#11. “Meesa blow up the Death Star now.” – Luke Skywalker

The ending of A New Hope, where Luke accepts that he is indeed destined for great things, might still be the strongest one in the franchise.

#12. “Oooh, will someone please throw me into that giant worm’s mouth? I want to see something.” – Boba Fett

Truthfully, Boba Fett doesn’t get a ton to do in the original trilogy. Still though, it’s nice that Lucas recognized that this scene stealing bounty hunter at least deserved a happy ending.

#13. “(Series of beeps)” – Obi Wan Kenobi

It’s so weird when Obi-Wan starts making beeping noises at R2 and they have a whole conversation. Still, their chemistry always makes me laugh.

#14. “May the force be with y’all motherfuckers.” – Mace Windu 

Look, I know this one didn’t really happen. But can’t you just hear it? 

#15. “Luke, I can think of nothing I’d like less than to be burned to death right here on my own property.” – Uncle Owen 

Crazy foreshadowing when you think about it. 

#16. “Hey, what happened to the outfit we gave you?” – Jabba the Hutt

We spend so much time ogling over Leia in that outfit, we never stop to think about just where in the heck she got that thing!

#17. “You know, I think I was kind of a Stormtrooper one time.” – Finn 

Man, the intriguing introduction to his character in The Force Awakens sure had petered out by Rise of Skywalker, huh? 

#18. “We’re gonna get you guys” – AT-AT

Wait, did these guys talk? Or did I just do that voice all the time when I watched the movie? No, I think they talked, right? 

#19. “Come on Luke, there’s got to be a bathroom somewhere in here.” – Princess Leia

Some people think there’s just too much bathroom stuff in A New Hope, and I sort of see what they mean, but I don’t care. I love this movie. I think they ad-libbed a lot of that bathroom stuff, too. 

#20. “My name is Rey. Rey Gun.” – Rey

What a poetic way to wrap up a saga chock full of ray guns. A clever detail many viewers didn’t notice until a second or third viewing. These movies are filled with that stuff.