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Super7 Releases Action Figure of Hidden Penis From VHS Cover of ‘The Little Mermaid’

SAN FRANCISCO — With fans across the internet clamoring for restocks after the anticipated item immediately sold out, the specialty nostalgic toy manufacturer Super7 have released their most detailed figure yet today which depicts the hidden penis from the background art on the VHS cover of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

“Thank you all for making the launch of the Little Mermaid Penis Tower figure a huge success,” said Super7 creative director Albert Donald in a series of tweets. “We’re thrilled to have created the ultimate nostalgic collector’s piece and you’ve helped to make it an instant smash hit. The global supply chain crisis is certainly bad for supply and demand, and we regret that not everyone who wanted a Penis Tower was able to purchase one at this time, but at least now we have some time to develop a  glow-in-the-dark edition for the second production run! Stay tuned for more updates!”

Local comic book shop owners who were responsible for some bulk orders of existing stock say they anticipate the in-demand phallic toy will generate lots of interest from shoppers.

“I’m not surprised that this is the direction that Super7 is headed in,” said comic book store owner Bruce Wood, using a pallet jack to load a crate of Little Mermaid Penis Tower toys into his storeroom. “They used to do characters from Iron Maiden album covers, old G.I. Joes, stuff like that. But there’s also a lot of money in Disney nostalgia, I guess, especially the edgy, urban legend stuff like whatever this weird tower is supposed to be. I’m sure it’ll sell well, or at least I hope so, because I bought fifty of these things in bulk.”

At press time, designers at Super7 were reportedly hard at work attempting to follow up on their success with a toy version of the scattered leaves in The Lion King that spell out the word “sex.”

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