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Subreddit Consumed by Heated Debate About Whether Or Not BoJack Horseman Is a Furry Show

INTERNET — A spirited debate has erupted among fans on the r/BojackHorseman subreddit over whether the eponymous character of the popular animated series is, in fact, a furry, with opinions ranging from enthusiastic affirmations to vehement denials.

Reddit user u/RedFoyote ignited the conversation with a post claiming BoJack as a furry icon which read,”The animal character design in this show is the most anthropomorphic ever. They’re just people with animal heads! That’s what poodling is! He’s just a guy with a horse head. I’m claiming him, on behalf of the fandom. Ours now.”

The post quickly sparked heated arguments. User u/VinAdultman contested, “But he doesn’t even have hooves or a tail! That’s like saying someone wearing a horse head mask is the same as someone in a fullsuit. It’s not even story-relevant that he’s a horse.”

However, u/WorseDragon offered a controversial perspective, tying BoJack’s character design to his backstory, posting, “His dad canonically has a horse dick. Him seeing his dad get a handy from his secretary as a kid is relevant to BoJack’s overall character and trauma. Get fucked.”

The subreddit soon became a battleground for this furry debate, with discussions evolving from simple corrections of the term ‘furry’ to detailed script analyses. The controversy spiraled into bans, inflammatory memes, and a Will Arnett tweet.

After being bombarded with explanations about furries (most of which were inaccurate), The voice actor of BoJack Horseman dropped the ultimate bomb posting, “Haha I guess.”

r/BojackHorseman has since been quarantined for toxic behavior. The status of Bojack’s furry-tude still goes unanswered.

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