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Some New Ghostbusters Shit Heavily Rumored

LOS ANGELES — Alright fuckers, listen up and listen up good, because I don’t have a lot of time before my 15 minutes at the library are up and they throw me off of the computer. I just came here to tell you all that there are some SERIOUS rumors about some new Ghostbusters shit coming out. Holy crap! 

I know, you’re like, “What? Ghostbusters?! There’s no way, pal,” but I’m telling you, they’re frickin’ doing it!! I’m not sure if it’s going to be a sequel, remake, relaunch, or sequel to the relaunch, or maybe a remake of the sequel, but there will definitely be some GHOST BUSTING ACTION. Yeah, baby! Behave! 

My cousin emailed me some pictures, and if they’re what I think they are, they have HUGE implications for the Ghostbusters universe. I’m talking MAJOR implications. Not since Ghostbusters 2 back in the ‘80s have I ever been so sure about a new Ghostbusters movie coming out. I’m just as excited then as I was now, too. I love the Ghostbusters. It doesn’t matter who’s in it, or what’s happening, I just love when they bust the ghosts! 

Oh, so you’re probably saying, “Sounds great Mark, but what were in those friggin’ pictures your cousin had?” and that’s such a good question! Well man, they were these pictures from the internet of Ernie Hudson and William Atherton filming a new movie.  Which is crazy, because Ernie Hudson played Winston and William Atheron was the voice of Slimer! They’re making more Ghostbusters, I just know it. 

You know how come else I know? ‘Cause I didn’t tell you yet, but Paul Rudd was in the photos, as well. He’s a ghostbuster now! It’s all so obvious. Wow, I can’t believe it took Hard Drive to break this story, but here we are. I’m pretty sure they’re doing some new Ghostbusters shit, you guys. Bookmark this page and comment about how right I was when this scoop turns into the truth! 

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