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‘Scott Pilgrim’ Anime Promises An Even More Annoying Fanbase This Time

LOS ANGELES — Bryan Lee O’Malley and Abel Góngora have teamed up to bring us Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, a new anime series based on the hit comics and adapted film. The fanbase first began to buzz back to life with the release of the series’ trailer, promising to be even more annoying about it this time.

“I think what we really needed as a society, as nerds, and more importantly, as gamers, was a revamp of this cult classic franchise,” said Abel Góngora. “If anything, the discourse surrounding the show will be enough to fuel Bryan and I until we die or are killed. I mean, you have the people who hate the series because they’re convinced they’re a Ramona Flowers type of person and that everyone wants to fuck them for it. Then you have the dudes who think they’re Scott, and we don’t have time to get into why those guys suck so much. And then… there’s anime fans.”

The trailer, with O’Malley’s iconic art style that gave an entire generation’s worth of artists severely misguided expectations and demolished self-esteem, glows with a nostalgic soundtrack and a 90’s animation flair that fans are sure to be gatekeep-y and weird about. 

“I’m really dialing in to a targeted demographic here,” expressed O’Malley. “I’m either creating it or discovering it, and either way I’m impressing myself with how fucking insufferable these people are. It’s like a disgusting, obnoxious ouroboros of fandom that will worm its way through popular culture until the heat death of the universe.”

At press time, showrunners have also hinted at a future merch drop including blue hair dye, a Ramona Flowers bikini anime figure, and a gun.