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Prepare for Trouble, and Make It Double: You’ve Just Been Diagnosed With Binocular Diplopia

Well, well, well, if it isn’t Mr. Can’t See So Well! Nice job trying to navigate your way to battling us, your eye care specialists! Oh having trouble being able to tell what’s going on? Yes, that’s right: you’re seeing two overlapping sets of images because you’ve been diagnosed with Binocular Diplopia! 

Ahaha! Looks like someone’s having more problems with their eye muscles than they thought! And while the problem can resolve when one eye is covered or closed… you’re going to need specific treatment depending on the underlying cause of your double vision! 

So get ready, because you know what that means….

Prepare for trouble,
And make it double!

To protect your eyes from being mistaken!
To amend your vision which is clearly failing!

To prevent your life from getting rough!
To prescribe you glasses you’re in need of!

Dr. Jessie!
Dr. James!

Team Rocket promises to fix your sight!
Your binocular diplopia will be set right!

Nurse Meowth!
What does the second letter on the third row look like?

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