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Poignant Video Essay Discredited by YouTuber’s Super Annoying Voice

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A poignant video essay uploaded to YouTube had all of its information and arguments discredited by the fact that the YouTuber who posted it had a super annoying voice, sources confirmed.

Turner Hayward, who runs the YouTube channel GamerForHire, recently posted an 18-minute video essay entitled “The Last of Us and the Gateway to Gaming for Normies,” in which he attempts to argue that the hit HBO show could be an entry point for non-gamers to discover new and compelling stories in other video games. Though the video was intensely researched, well-written, and included several compelling talking points, the validity of his content has been rendered moot due to the fact that his voice was just really aggravating to listen to.

“I really tried to watch it and see what he was talking about, but I could barely stand to listen to his voice for even a minute,” YouTuber ClinicalImpression commented. “Like, he sounds nasally but gravelly at the same time? And I think he had an accent that I couldn’t place and it was bugging me the whole time I tried to watch. So I just decided he was wrong about everything.”

Despite excuses, voice director Angela Cador confirmed that the quality of Hayward’s voice had nothing to do with his recording equipment.

“Usually in cases like this, you’d think he was too close to the mic or his sound quality just got garbled at some point,” Cador suggested in an email. “But no. It sounds like he’s using decent recording equipment and there’s not much external noise coming through. His voice is just that aggravating to the ears. How could he stand to hear himself talk?”

As of press time, Hayward is currently contesting an Apple Music ban in which his podcast recordings have reportedly violated listener safety.