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“Our Videos are Supposed to be Serious, Step-By-Step Guides”: Our Interview With the Game Grumps

A decade after making their YouTube debut, The Game Grumps continue to be some of the most popular producers of Let’s Play videos on the platform. We sat down with them recently and talked about their channel, their controversies, and the shocking nature of their relationship away from the show. 

Good afternoon guys! Thank you so much for talking to us toda—

Arin: *45 minutes of loud, uninterrupted fake farting noises*

Why Are You Called the Game Grumps?

Because…we’re grumpy? The games? Maybe the games are grumpy? That can’t be right. We’ll have to get back to you on that one

How did you get the idea for Game Grumps as a channel?

Arin: Well, there were countless people on the site already just sitting down and commentating over video game playthroughs, but we realized we could do that exact same thing with no variation. 

Do you think you have a lot of haters?

Dan: I think there’s just a small vocal minority of a couple trolls, commenters, and the twenty-five thousand user Subreddit dedicated to ranting about us

Do you think your banter ever crosses into queer-baiting?

Arin: No, that’s crazy. That’s almost as crazy as me and Dan totally kissing and passionately fucking right now. How crazy would that be? Are you imagining it?

Are there any plans to do another Starbomb album?

Dan: In order to not come off as forced, we don’t want to do another Starbomb album unless we really feel inspired about commenting on a specific video game character’s penis.

Do you still keep in touch with Ross O’Donovan at all?

Arin: Not really. For some reason that fucking worthless idiot loser asshole thinks we bullied him too much

You two spend so much time recording with each other. Do you ever spend time together as friends outside of work?

Dan: To make sure we have good chemistry, we went ahead and made me Arin’s court-appointed guardian. He’s legally not allowed out of my sight, and we spent every single moment together all day until we are tucked into our large Game Grumps bed at night. 

Do you watch your own content, or is it too cringey to hear your own voice back?

Arin: I stopped watching after JonTron left the show

Why did you have a falling out with Chris O’Neill and the entire Oneyplays cast?

Arin: We decided we just weren’t comfortable with them saying some pretty offensive and problematic stuff that they clearly ripped off from us.

Do you think the comedy or the gameplay is more important in your videos?

Dan: It’s still weird to me that anyone watches our video for our banter or comedy, as we have always maintained that our videos are supposed to be serious, step-by-step guides of how to complete every game with perfect efficiency. How anyone finds that funny is beyond me.

What did you do before joining Game Grumps?

Dan: I was just a nobody with a handsome face, beautiful singing voice and a promising comedy career.

When choosing a game for a series or episode, do you spend any time familiarizing yourself with it to make sure the video is entertaining?

Arin: Doing that makes it so we could eliminate all the futzing with menus and figuring out controls and settings, which drastically cuts down on boring filler moments in the show. So no, we don’t. 

Who is a guest you’ve always wanted on Game Grumps?

Arin: We’ve tried for years to get Pope Francis on the show, but he keeps politely declining because he claims he’s more of a Super Mega guy. 

What is your take on the Super Mega drama?

Dan: While some people have forgiven them, I just don’t think I can ever look past the heinous, deplorable deed of stopping their EuroTruck Simulator series

Do you think your channel will ever have a large controversy?

Arin: We’re two adult men that make jokes over footage of video games, so 100% absolutely.

Do you ever worry about running out of things to talk about?

Dan: Given our rich friendship and interesting day to day lives, I don’t think we’ll run out of things to talk about until well into next week.

What do you think of fans who think you two have ‘gone corporate’ 

Arin: Game Grumps hasn’t gone corporate at all. If you don’t believe me, you can just ask our business managers, PR team, social media managers, editing team, or production assistants.

Some people also say that Game Grumps is past its golden era, do you agree?

Dan: Not at all. I think we’re in our golden era right now, which is why a lot of our content now is just reacting to our old videos.

What’s next for Game Grumps?

Either a company-shattering controversy or a Mega Man 3 playthrough.