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Ooh La La: TV Show Calls Episodes ‘Chapters’

LOS ANGELES — The latest, hottest show on television, Icarus, released its first season on Netflix last Friday, and immediately won style points with its audience by calling its episodes ‘chapters.’

“It’s just so fancy!” said viewer Elizabeth Cromwell. “Usually the first thing is labeled ‘episode 1’ but this genius, high-class show calls it ‘chapter 1’. Like a book! Can you believe that? I didn’t even know you were allowed to do that. I was so confused at first, thinking I was accidentally watching a book, but then it dawned on me: I’m watching a story. A story has chapters. This show must be amazing, intelligent television. I felt so smart and in awe of the craftiness.”

The show’s creator, Michael Dolan, said this creative choice was integral to the show’s tone and reception.

“Maybe you don’t get it, but this ain’t your daddy’s prestige television show,” Dolan said. “Just like how a show usually starts with credits, our show just starts for a second, does something badass, and then the opening theme happens. Blows your fucking hair back. I’m not even supposed to say this, but season two? We’re calling that ‘part two’ Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Game changer. We’ve just thrown out the entire god damn playbook at this point and there’s nothing you can do to stop us. We might even fuck around and call the third one ‘act III’. That’s right. Roman numerals. Classy and mysterious as all hell.”

At press time, audiences audibly gasped when producers on Icarus hinted that a future season of the show may drop numbers entirely and just include a colon and vague subtitle.