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Obsidian Announces a Much Better Fallout Show

IRVINE, Calif. — With the release of Amazon’s TV adaptation of the Fallout game series being a huge success, Obsidian Entertainment has officially announced their own, much better Fallout television show.

Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart made the official announcement.

“Obsidian is proud to announce we’ll be working directly with Amazon on the new show Fallout: New Vegas! It will use the same technology as the original Fallout show to improve it in every way imaginable. Thankfully, Bethesda gave their blessing to us provided we only have 75% of the full budget. But we will utilize the pennies they called a budget to make a show that the fans will love and will constantly bring up to people who like the Bethesda show”

Many hardcore Fallout fans who voiced displeasure with perceived lore changes in the show have reacted to this news positively.

“It’s great that someone who actually understands Fallout is going to make a show,” said New Vegas fan Mark Simmons. “I tried to watch the current one but it’s everything Bethesda gets wrong about the series they made famous boiled down into a single TV series and to top it off they spit in the face of us true fans with their vague environmental storytelling that confirmed New Vegas isn’t canon. Shame on them.” 

“New Vegas is a true Fallout experience, that’s probably why Bethesda tried to wipe it from existence with the show. Because they know that they don’t actually know Fallout,” said Jacob Mallory, a Fallout fan who only likes the first two and New Vegas. “Fallout should be a post-post-apocalypse, Obsidian understood that. I know the famous line is that war never changes but Bethesda’s inability to change the wasteland and always having it in nuclear conflict shows they don’t get it.”

At press time, Obsidian is continuing to find innovative new ways to make Bethesda look bad to its haters.


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