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No Reason for Character to Be Asexual Besides Writer’s Entire Life Experience

RENO, Nev. — Hira Fealeaf, the main character of the recently-releasd fantasy novel The Sorcerer of Lumsworth, is asexual, despite having no reason to not be straight other than the fact that author Laila Taylor is forced to draw from her own asexual experiences of the last 32 years.

“There’s this scene in chapter 10 where a guy hits on Hira and she explains that she’s asexual and I rolled my eyes so hard. It doesn’t affect the plot at all that she’s asexual, it’s the most random thing in the world. So why even make her have a sexuality in the first place? Just make her straight,” said a Redditor in r/books. 

“I would understand if her being asexual became a major part of the story or the character’s defining personality trait — as long as it’s not too much of a stereotype — because then there would be a reason for it. Otherwise it’s just virtue signaling,” the comment went on to say. 

Despite the online backlash against the character’s sexuality, several fans said that they didn’t mind the inclusion.

“It doesn’t really affect me if Hira is asexual in the novel. Seriously, who cares? She’s gonna be bi in my fanfics by default, anyway, because I’m gonna have her fuck all the other characters,” said a different Redditor. 

As of press time, following widespread complaints online, Taylor announced that in the sequel to The Sorcerer of Lumsworth, Hira would still be asexual because that’s still the only well of knowledge available to Taylor.

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