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Nintendo Announces “Super Mario Movie Maker” Since Everyone Thinks They Can Do Better

KYOTO, Japan — Nintendo revealed an unexpected piece of software today, Super Mario Movie Maker, an exciting new game that will give everyone that was so critical of the recent animated film a chance to make their own, seeing as how they’re all so smart, sources confirmed. 

“That sounds amazing,” said local gamer Phil Colbert, who was disappointed with the Super Mario Bros Movie when it released earlier this year. “I love that they’re giving you full control over every aspect of your own Mario movie. You can record yourself doing the voices, and it doesn’t even matter if you sound like Mario or not! And if you can add any obvious soundtrack choice you’d like with just a push of a button! Oh, I can’t wait. I’m gonna make a better movie in like 30 minutes with this thing.” 

Despite the enthusiasm the announcement was largely met with, developers said that players would soon realize the true difficulty they’re signing up for. 

“Finally, players can quit complaining about the Mario movie and make one of their own,” said Yosuke Oshino, director of Super Mario Movie Maker. “Players will be free to choose from good CG, bad CG, hand drawn, or live action, which features the holographic work of Captain Lou Albano. Many players think that these tools alone are all one needs to successfully adapt perhaps the most popular video game of all time in a way that pleases a majority of the fanbase, but brother, they’re just getting started. Be my damn guest if you think you can do it in a way that video game fans will appreciate.” 

As of press time, someone had reminded Yosuke Oshino about Sonic the Hedgehog‘s reception.