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New Tarantino Movie Ends With Tarantino Thanking All His Patreon Subscribers

LOS ANGELES — A new film by Quentin Tarantino reportedly ends with director Quentin Tarantino thanking everyone who subscribed to his Patreon channel, according to those close to the production.

“I’ve seen the latest cut of Tarantino’s new film, The Lone Gunman. It’s interesting, I guess — apparently it’s supposed to be an homage to Lithuanian movies of the 1930s. That’s not the weird part, though. The weird thing is that when the credits start to roll, the screen quickly shrinks and moves to the top right corner of the screen. Then, as the credits go on silently, it’s just Quentin for thirty minutes, talking directly into camera, and thanking thousands and thousands of people by name who subscribed to his Patreon for $100 a month,” said an anonymous source who posted about the film on Reddit. “At first I thought the movie was still going and he was listing off all the people he was gonna kill or something, you know, because Tarantino movies are so violent and crazy. But then it just ended.”

Comments on the Reddit post were surprised to hear about the ending of Tarantino’s new film.

“Wait what? I thought Patreon was a thing for YouTubers. Has the film industry gotten so bleak that Tarantino can’t finance a movie without a few hundred thousand online subscribers? I don’t know if this is Disney’s fault or Quentin’s fault, but it’s weird and sad to hear about,” said one commenter. “I’ll probably wait until it’s out on HBO Max to watch it, anyway.”

“Uh, do people not know about this? Of course he does. I’ve seen like fifty or sixty versions of the movie already myself over the last few years of production. It’s the $10 reward on his Patreon for his fans,” said another commenter. 

When asked to comment, Tarantino said that he didn’t find the ending weird at all.

“Looking to support my work? Patreon is the best way. Head to Patreon dot com slash Quentin Tarantino for all the behind-the-scenes access to my work that you crave!” Tarantino said. “And a huge thank you to all the Taranteens and Grateful Mates out there who have subscribed. I couldn’t make top-tier films without you; you have enabled me to quit my job as a studio-backed filmmaker and begin my new career as a self-financed filmmaker and I want to give you a big ole shout out for that.”

At press time, Tarantino was forced to put his new film on hold after Patreon removed his account for saying the n-word several times in a recent update.