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New Streamer’s Wikipedia Page Has Empty “Controversy” Section Just In Case

LOS ANGELES — Following the meteoric rise of new streamer Logan Reynolds, better known by his Twitch username Mav3r1ckPlayz, Wikipedia editors added a blank “controversy” section to the gamer’s information page, just in case.

“These things are just inevitable; might as well save some time now,” said Wikipedia editor Bryan Jobs. “He hasn’t done anything at all wrong yet, but it’s only a matter of time. I know you’re probably thinking ‘but this streamer just plays Mario games with his friends, how could he possibly do something insanely problematic?’ Give it a week. You can only stay at the top for so long until you randomly start spiraling on camera about how the white race is under attack, or women shouldn’t be allowed in politics, or whatever miscellaneous prejudice that he’ll save for when he’s broadcasting in front of thousands of people. When that happens, I’ll be there. Ready to update the Wiki.”

The streamer claimed he understood why the foreboding dropdown menu was necessary.

“I haven’t done anything wrong yet, but I think it’s best for the sake of Wikipedia to just have the gun locked and loaded for when — I mean if — I do,” Reynolds said on a livestream Tuesday. “I want all my fans to be up to date the moment I go on a Twitter tirade about some oppressed minority that did nothing to provoke me, so it’s smart to have Wikipedia be proactive instead of reactive.”

Fellow streamers hoped that Reynolds would keep them in the loop of his upcoming scandals as well.

“In the Twitch community, it’s common courtesy to give your constituents a couple days notice before your controversies leak so we can get our reaction videos ready,” said Twitch partner Eric Steadly. “When I knew my grooming allegations were going to come to light, I gave a bunch of my friends a 24 hour heads up so that they could start photoshopping their thumbnails and preparing their Notes App statements for social media. It’s just a simple modicum of respect among horrible, controversial people.”

At press time, sources reported that Wikipedia had been ominously updated to include a sex scandal from December 2024 that had not even occurred yet.