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New ‘Hot Ones’ Post-Show Interviews Celebrities During Increasingly Difficult Toilet Trips

NEW YORK CITY — A new show serving as a continuation of the highly successful Hot Ones series sees host Sean Evans pester celebrities as they make frequent trips to a nearby bathroom after ingesting more and more variations of hot sauce, sources have confirmed.

“I’m never doing this show again,” wailed John Krasinski, who was hoping he’d have more opportunities to promote his upcoming directorial effort If, starring Ryan Reynolds. “It’s one thing to eat a series of chicken wings with escalating levels of hot sauce on them while being gracefully interviewed about your past and current projects, but it is quite another to have a man yell ‘What’s next for John Krasinski?’ and jam a microphone under the stall while I’m shitting out entire organs. Who comes up with this stuff?”

While controversial among guest that have appeared so far, the new show has proved wildly popular to viewers online.

“This is better than Hot Ones, in a way,” said local college student Stu Barker, while watching the show for the first time. “Because their guard is still up just a little bit on Hot Ones. They’re still sitting there under lights and makeup and cameras being interviewed and trying to promote something. When they’re in the bathroom down the hall having the worst time of their life, however, is when the really candid interviewing can begin. Did you see him to get Krasinski to admit he flexed too much creative control on The Office in its later years? That was amazing.”

Host Sean Evans said he was excited to take his hot sauce-based-interviewing skills to their logical next step. 

“The show has been such a runaway hit, it was inevitable that people started asking for some kind of follow-up,” said Evans, who is often complimented for his well-researched and articulated questions. “But there’s no good way to follow up the eating-hot-wings show with anything other than a 10-round bout in the crapper. No one’s gonna watch me keep asking Cardi B questions while she washes her hands, you know?” 

As of press time, Brendan Fraser was forced to cancel his appearance on the new Hot Ones follow-up show, because he shit his pants on the way to the bathroom.