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NBC Announce New Show Will Air on Peacock and Also Is Canceled

Peacock has announced today that they are producing and canceling a new sitcom from the makers of “How I Met Your Mother.”

“NBC has spent years trying to find the ‘next big thing,’” explained NBCU President Lisa Katz. “We want something intelligent but accessible. Event programming that will bring in viewers night after night. We believe this can be that show and we will not be renewing it for another season.”

“This is the culmination of a long process for us, and we’re all very excited about it,” Katz continued. “Our development team spent years looking for a good multicam family sitcom that we can cancel.”

It’s been a big month for the bird app that’s not “the bird app” (which also isn’t the bird app anymore). Unfortunately, not all of Peacock’s audience are as excited about the news. In fact, some viewers say they actually want to see the shows that NBC produces.

“I was really looking forward to seeing that new Brett Butler show last year,” said Peacock subscriber Shirley Lennon. “It had a really great intro, but they canceled it before the first act started.”

Reports confirmed this process is not unusual for the streaming platform, which canceled Pete Davidson’s show ‘Bupkis‘ halfway through announcing it had been renewed for a second season. In fact, the network has been canceling shows at a record pace, and NBC executives are very excited about it.

Katz says the reason for all of these cancellations is low viewership, which they court by burying the shows on the seventh most popular streaming app.

“We want to make programming for viewers who love traditional television, but we don’t want them to know how to find it,” Katz explained. “That’s our goal, and I think we’re doing a great job.”

At the time of publishing, NBC said they had no plans to change their approach and also ‘Vampire Academy’ has been canceled.

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