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Nation’s Mental Health Experts Stress the Importance of Seeing the Great Pagliacci

NEW YORK — With the rise of anxiety and depression impacting the mental health of people in the United States across all demographics and age groups, the nation’s mental health experts have once again stressed the importance of seeing the Great Clown Pagliacci.

“While our nation has made great strides destigmatizing mental health care, studies have shown that a shockingly low amount of people see the Great Pagliacci while he’s in town,” said Mental Health Specialist Dr. Bella Oltramare. “Pagliacci will make anyone feel better, his splendid performance and humor will help even the most depressed individual. For anyone experiencing anxiety or depression, I recommend slowing down, taking some time off, and seeing the fantastic clown at least one performance.”

Audience members of Pagliacci’s show last night reflected on how the performance changed their disposition.

“When my therapist prescribed me a clown performance, I’ll admit I was skeptical at first,” said attendee Eric Rondell. “Pagliacci’s amazing, hilarious antics cured years of crippling anxiety. Now, any time I’m having dark thoughts or a panic attack, I just think of Pagliacci’s amazing humor and wit, and I suddenly feel marginally better. I’m going to recommend this show to everyone at my depression support group!”

Although Pagliacci’s show has received rave reviews, another anonymous attendee we caught walking out of the stage door after the show claimed his spirits had not been lifted.

“I am still distraught, the world seems cruel and pointless,” the tired man said. “I have been at every single Pagliacci performance and nothing has changed. Every day is another punishment and people laugh at me without knowing my pain underneath.”

The man elaborated on why the performance had failed to improve his disposition.

“The Great Pagliacci cannot cure me. For you see,” the man said. “I hate live theater.”