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MrBeast Asks Homeless Man to Save Begging Until Shot Is in Focus

WICHITA, Kan. — YouTube personality and online philanthropist Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, reportedly snapped at a local homeless man while filming a video, asking him to stop begging until his shot was in focus.

“Oh my God, can you shut the fuck up? Stop asking me for change, I’m trying to do my sound check,” an unhinged Donaldson said in a damning behind the scenes video. “Honestly, some of these homeless bums act like they’ve never been on camera before. I’m just trying to give him a huge sum of cash and see him dance around as I change his life with what is merely pennies of my fortune, but he’s being a real pain in the ass about it. If he could just save his good groveling for when we’re actually shooting, we could finally get some damn footage.”

Jackson Richards, the homeless gentleman who ended up being in the influencer’s video, said he was ultimately glad for Donaldson’s philanthropy

“I was sitting on the pavement downtown panhandling for change when this young man came up and started setting up cameras and lighting rigs,” Richards said. “I asked him if he could spare any change, and he started freaking out because the boom mic wasn’t set up yet. He did eventually give me $1000 and some branded MrBeast chocolate bars, so I just feel lucky because I watched him pass up a couple other homeless people that he said didn’t look pathetic enough for his video.”

Audiences appreciated Donaldson’s behavior in the benevolent video.

“It was so cool how MrBeast totally changed that guy’s life, he gave him a thousand dollars and only made a cool 200 grand off pimping out his misery,” MrBeast subscriber Ryan Tensley said. “He was also very patient with that homeless man who kept messing with his lav mic and kept interrupting MrBeast’s epic video intro by begging for food. MrBeast is such a professional.”

At press time, sources reported that MrBeast attempted to help a single mother who had lost her house, but unfortunately she chose the mystery box containing a bar of soap instead of the $10,000.

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