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Miranda Sings Apologizes for Controversial Ukulele Video With Heartfelt Banjo Song

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Colleen Balinger, known by her YouTube moniker Miranda Sings, responded to her controversial YouTube apology ukulele song in a recently posted video, in which the media personality and accused groomer expressed regret for the tone deaf video in a heartfelt banjo number.

“My ukulele song was an ill-conceived, insincere apology, and I wanted to set the record straight,” Ballinger began, jauntily plucking banjo strings in her bedroom. “While that video does make some valid points, I wanted to sit down and give a genuine, contrite video clearing my name and atoning for my actions, and what better way to do that than a cutesy little ditty in which I admit no fault whatsoever. I thought it would be best if I took some responsibility, did the adult thing, and sang an incredibly long song about how you, the viewer, are actually the problem.”

Miranda Sings fans have already begun to forgive the YouTuber for her previous video.

“When I saw the ukulele song video, I thought there was no way anyone would ever let her forget how terrible it was, but I have to give her credit, this new one is so bad it will probably eclipse the other one entirely. Even the song is worse!” Miranda Sings subscriber Elaine Rentill said. “I’m a little worried though, because at one point in the video, I saw a Melodica on her desk. I really hope this video goes over well.”

At press time, sources close to Ballinger reported that the YouTuber was working on a response to the backlash from her banjo song with a tearful bagpipes number.

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