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Man Settles In to Watch Last 20 Minutes of Avatar on the Big TV at Best Buy

IRVINE, Calif. — Local customer Michael Reeves has reportedly taken a break from shopping for printer ink after noticing the third act of the 2009 feature film Avatar had just started on the big TV at Best Buy.

“This was supposed to be just a quick errand, but once I saw Jake Sully and the gang in crystal clear 4K image quality and stunning 5.1 surround sound, I just couldn’t help myself,” said Reeves, standing directly in the middle of the aisle still holding two boxes of printer ink in his hands. “It really feels like I’ve been transported from the sparsely stocked shelves of the digital camera department to the mysterious alien planet of Pandora.” 

The big-box retailer’s home theater set-ups have long been heralded as one of the best places to watch fight scenes from 10-year-old blockbuster movies that are constantly playing on loop.

“Whether you’re looking to upgrade your at-home viewing experience or just waste 15 minutes while your spouse or mom finishes up at The Gap, our Magnolia Home Theater specialists can’t wait to help you,” said Patricia Thompson, Director of Communications at Best Buy. “Come take a seat in one of our slightly sticky leather recliners and experience the majesty of Avatar, paired with a slow-mo 8K video of a tree frog that’s always visible on three other TV screens out of the corner of your eye.”

Avatar director James Cameron was excited to hear about Reeves’ recent spontaneous viewing experience.

“When I dreamed up Neytiiri, Tsu’tey, Mo’at, and, of course, Dr. Grace Augustine, I knew that my vision could only truly come to life on a $399 Roku TV with motion smoothing turned on,” said Cameron on a recorded transmission from his submarine base. “Kudos, Michael! And, as the Na’vi say, ‘I see you.’”

At press time, Reeves had reportedly taken a break to stretch his legs after Avatar’s big third act fight sequence to take a quick stroll through the Amiibo aisle.

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