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KSI Reacts to Penguinz0 Reacts to Jacksfilms Reacts to What Sssniperwolf Just Did

LONDON — Internet personality Olajide Olatunji, aka KSI, denounced fellow YouTuber Sssniperwolf’s recent actions in a livestream Wednesday morning, doing so by way of reacting to Penguinz0’s coverage of Jacksfilms’ video on the topic.

“Thank god Charlie and John took the first crack at this,” Olatunji said, laughing. “I can’t imagine reacting to Sssniperwolf’s unhinged bullshit without knowing whether it was socially palatable to do so. Gotta protect the brand, you know?”

Charles “Charlie” Christopher White Jr., aka Penguinz0, was similarly grateful to John Patrick Douglass (Jacksfilms) for biting the bullet first, telling fans he’d sent Douglass a rose bouquet and a brand-new 2023 Lamborghini Huracán as a token of his appreciation.

“Seriously, shout out to John for taking this on the chin,” White Jr. said. “Chat, give John a ‘big ups.’ I’ve been waiting a hot minute to call out Sssniperwolf on her clickbait garbage content, but, as you guys know, I can only farm drama views regarding other people’s problems. I don’t want that tsunami in my house. So let’s give it up for John; he teed me up real good.”

Douglass seemed to be treating the situation more seriously than his cohorts, reacting to the news by way of streaming from a freshly constructed war bunker. In the stream, he could be seen wearing Kevlar and holding an AR-15.

“I swear to fuck, if Sssniperwolf and her lip fillers come anywhere near my property, getting cancelled is going to be the least of her worries,” Douglass said with dark shadows under his eyes, indicating he hadn’t slept in some time. “Let’s see how well she pulls off those stupid thumbnail expressions of hers while dodging live rounds.”

At press time, YouTuber and streamer Philip Burnell, aka DSPGaming, announced on X that he’d be reacting to KSI’s Sssniperwolf react stream precisely three years from now, well after the news became obsolete. “If you thought me masturbating on stream was bad, get a load of this wolf sniper lady,” he said in a follow-up X post.