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IDubbbz Pulverizes Ryan’s World in Ill-Matched Creator Clash

TAMPA, Fla. — Following the smash success of the recent Creator Clash, a charity boxing event pitting famous YouTubers against each other, Youtuber and promoter Ian Washburn, known by his online moniker Idubbbz, received criticism for his title fight against six-year-old YouTuber Ryan’s World.

“With 34 million subscribers on YouTube, I thought Ryan would make a great headline fight against myself, but I was a bit disappointed in his fighting skills. I absolutely fucking rinsed him round one,” Idubbbz said after the fight. “I knew we would be slightly unevenly matched given that we’re not in the same weight class, I’m 130 pounds heavier than him, but since it was for charity we decided to just fudge the numbers a little bit to put on a good show.”

Idubbbz went on to elaborate on his strategy for fighting the viral third grader. 

“He came out with so much swagger and confidence, being led into the ring by his mom and dad, but as soon as we heard the bell I brained him with a left hook sending him flying into the ropes,” Idubbbz bragged. “I saw his eyes well with tears as he took a devastating uppercut, practically shattering his jaw on impact. You think you’re so cute, unboxing your little surprise eggs and unwrapping presents, let’s see your thumbnail reaction when you unbox a fucking kidney punch in front of thousands of people. Not very well.”

“Mr. Ian hit me so hard, I am in indescribable pain,” a hospital-bound Ryan explained. “Mr. Ian just said we would be collaborating for charity, he never said we would be fighting. He said we would just be in a video together, then he beat me senseless to raucous applause. I wanted to help the misfortune with my videos, now doctors say my brain is bleeding. Mr. Ian, if you’re out there, you better hope I die, because if not, I’m coming back for you.”

At press time, sources reported the incredibly successful Creator Clash raised a staggering $450,000 for charity, most of which has been used to cover some of Ryan’s copious medical bills after the fight.