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Huge MCU Leak Confirms Mitchell Hiniker to Return as Key Grip

LOS ANGELES — According to anonymous sources at Marvel Studios, the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe just had a massive spoiler revealed: fan-favorite Mitchell Hiniker will return as a key grip in a few more movies.

“We can no longer deny the rumors, we want fans to know that the iconic key grip will be coming back for more Marvel adventures behind the scenes,” said Kevin Feige to a roaring Comic Con crowd. “There were numerous contract disputes, but we spared no expense giving the fans who they want handling the supportive non-electrical equipment on set. It may have seemed like we had to recast him, but I’m proud to finally reveal to you that Hiniker will continue to supervise lighting and camera rigs on first unit production. Mitchell Hiniker will return!” 

Marvel fans exploded with excitement that the crew member would be returning for more films.

“I had a theory he was coming back; I mean how could this universe even continue without him?” said Marvel Fan Club President Tyler Cromwell. “I can’t wait to see my favorite grip cross over into other movie sets and interact with the Marvel A-listers at the craft services table and the crew smoking spot out back. It was in all the Easter Eggs that he was returning, especially since he’s a really big important character in the comics.”

Hiniker was reportedly excited to finally get to reveal his return to fans.

I’m back everyone,” Hiniker said walking onstage during the Comic Con presentation. “After a brief break after Avengers: Endgame, I’m so pumped for everyone to pack into cinemas to see what crane and dolly operators I managed, and I’ll be in Hall B signing lighting rigs and camera lenses until the end of the con!”

At press time, the return of Hiniker was slightly soured by the common fan belief that Marvel was only bringing him back into the universe to kill him off.