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Here’s All the Actual Eggs You Missed in ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’

Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania has officially hit theaters! After months of dissecting trailers and leaked images, loyal Marvel fans can finally make the journey to their local cinema and see what wacky and hilarious adventures Ant-Man 3 brings to the table, as well as see the future path for the MCU going forward. But even eagle-eyed viewers may have missed a few details here and there, and Marvel is famous for sneaking chicken eggs into the backgrounds of every scene. Here’s a countdown of all the actual eggs you may have missed in Ant-Man 3!

Paul Rudd Eats a Poached Egg for Breakfast 

Pretty easy to miss, as it happens in a flash, but before suiting up or battling anyone in the quantum realm, thief-turned-Avenger Scott Lang diligently prepares a poached egg and homemade hollandaise sauce for breakfast in the opening scene of the film.

Ant-Man’s Daughter Hatches From an Egg

Recast from her previous appearance, Cassie Lang finally gets her moment on the big screen, and gets a proper superhero entrance by triumphantly hatching from an egg to hug her dad.

Kang the Conqueror Sits on a Malevolent Throne Made of Quail Eggs

When tempting Ant-Man with a sinister quid-pro-quo, the spectacular Jonathan Majors imposes his threat on the future of the Marvel universe by holding court atop his massive throne of eggs.

Paul Rudd Has Another Poached Egg for Two Minutes in Real Time

An amazing  callback to the previous scene!

Bill Murray Calls Ant-Man ‘Egg-Man’ By Mistake

In a hilarious improvisation kept in the film, Bill Murray’s Lord Krylar accidentally calls Ant-Man ‘Egg-Man,’ and nobody acknowledges it and it makes zero sense in the context of the scene.

M.O.D.O.K. Is Kind of Like a Big Egg, Right?

Fuck you, it’s our list. We’re counting this one

The Post-Credits Scene Is Just a Still Image of an Egg Basket in Total Silence

Surprised how you missed this one!