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Female Streamer in Hot Water After Making a Joke

LOS ANGELES — One of the biggest Twitch streamers on the platform, Pokimane, has recently found herself in some controversy for doing something streaming audiences have never seen a woman do: make a joke.

“If you’re a broke boy, just say so,” Pokimane said in part on a stream where she discussed her new product, Myna Cookies. “It’s $28 for a four-pack of bags of cookies. $7 per bag. If you don’t want to buy them, I literally don’t care. It’s your money. Do what you want.”

Needless to say, other content creators were quick to condemn Poki’s statement.

“What a ridiculous thing to do. Flaunting the wealth that you exploited your viewers to get is pretty messed up, to be honest,” said streaming behemoth xQc. “Oh, my picture I posted on Twitter holding stacks of cash in a briefcase? Come on, pretty obvious that was just a playful jab. Pokimane’s situation is incredibly different.”

Viewers were none too happy with Pokimane’s jape, either.

“Well, well, well, she finally shows her true colors,” said chat member awesumguy893, who has been banned in her chat since 2020. “I always knew she just thought of us as viewers to sell products to. Whether it’s her streams, merch, or these overpriced cookies, she’s always just selling things to us. It’s like she’s a business owner, and not our friend like we all thought. Pretty screwed up in my opinion.”

At press time, it became clear that every single person complaining about the product was not going to buy it, whether they were $28 or $2.