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Fans and Detractors of HBO’s The Last of Us Agree on How Gay It Has Been So Far

LOS ANGELES — After airing several episodes of its inaugural season, everyone agrees that The Last of Us television series has been very gay thus far. 

“Wow, what a poignant episode of television,” said fan Carmen Adler, who’d just finished watching last week’s episode, which has garnered acclaim for the love story portrayed between the Frank and Bill characters. “Everyone really did such a great job. I’m glad it’s on HBO so they can make a mature show. Sadly, a lot of people get squirmy and downright fuming when they have to think about gay people, so I bet there’s been a backlash you could set your watch to, huh? I just read that the show was already picked up for a second season, so I don’t know. Have fun screaming about it, I guess.” 

While the show has inspired wildly different reactions, audiences have found a common ground.

“Wow, what a gay episode of television,” said local denigrator Mike Bunker, shortly after composing his most recent post about last week’s episode. “I’m so sick of watching something and then suddenly they put some gay stuff on my screen and I find myself fixated on it for weeks, months even. Enough already! At least there’s still some manly shows on HBO like Peacemaker and Our Flag Means Death, but there’s fewer all the time. Why does it have to be in The Last of Us? It’s not like it’s anywhere in the game. And before you ask, no, I don’t really remember the game.” 

The mixed and passionate response was anticipated by the creators of The Last of Us series. 

“Sadly, when we set out to merely flesh out some backstory that is alluded to in the game, we knew we’d cause a lot of predictable meltdowns with a certain percentage of viewers,” said showrunner Craig Mazin. “In fact, I’ve just gotten off the phone with Hollywood, and they said we’re actually just a few hundred more bad iMDB reviews away from the show being canceled entirely, so I’m afraid we have no choice but to reconfigure how we make the show going forward.” 

“No, I’m just kidding,” he added. “Who cares about IMDb reviews?” 

As of press time, Mike Bunker was cruising HBO Max hoping to find something less gay, before ultimately deciding to check out Oz.