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Fallout TV Series to Come to Netflix, Hulu, Max, Disney+, Apple TV+, Paramount+, Peacock, PlutoTV, Roku, Crackle, Tubi, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, DVD, VHS, and Betamax

LOS ANGELES — No Amazon Prime account? No problem. The Fallout TV series will be released on multiple streaming platforms and media formats, according to game director and new Hollywood hotshot Todd Howard. Howard confirmed the aggressive expansion at a premiere event for the show.

“I cannot confirm when, but Fallout is coming to Netflix and all those other streamers. Any streamer you can think of, really. Get those Peacock passwords from your folks, because it won’t be long now,” Howard said on the red carpet. “It’s cool that Amazon footed the bill for the show, but honestly this was always the way it was going to be. We’re Bethesda, we spread like the plague. It’s what we do.”

“And lest you’d think I forgot about my physical media homies, I have them covered too,” Howard continued. “Dust off those VCRs and Super-8s. Find your old slide projector. People tell me ‘Todd, you have to stop putting things out everywhere,’ and I say, ‘I’ll stop releasing things when people stop buying them.’”

Greg Berry, a Fallout fan and vintage media enthusiast, was thrilled at the announcement.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on a Fallout LaserDisc,” Berry said. “It has a very specific texture that you just can’t get anywhere else. Plus, I had to cancel my streaming services because the prices are getting out of control. I’m so thankful that Bethesda spreads their content across platforms like a virus.”

Head of TV Production at Amazon Studios, Kimberly Rach, later refuted parts of Howard’s statement.

“He said that was a Bethesda thing? He’s joking, right?” Rach laughed. “No one is watching Amazon Prime. We’ve started running ads. Could the writing not be more on the wall that we’re hurting for money? Of course we’re going to license the show out to Netflix, Hulu, and even Zaslav’s mopey ass over at Max. We’ll put it in syndication on ABC Family if we have to — whatever it takes to make that extra cash.”

At press time, Howard could be seen at the theater’s snack bar, spreading his popcorn into multiple containers.

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