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Everything We Know About the Future of the MCU By Hacking Tom Holland’s Private Medical Records

Marvel Studios Is Scaling Back

Due to how easy it was to decrypt the various passcodes on Holland’s personal file, we can easily see Marvel is attempting to go back to its roots of smaller-scale movies, television shows, and server protection.

Tom Holland’s Various Moles Spell Out ‘Ant-Man Will Return’

We can see an Easter Egg revealing everyone’s favorite tiny superhero will be back in theaters soon based on a crude message written in moles on Holland’s ass. 

The Next Spider-Man Movie Will Feature Peter Parker Gaining Six Pounds

According to Holland’s recent weight fluctuation, fans can expect the web slinger to put on a negligible bit of weight in the next movie.

Sony Technically Owns Tom Holland’s Corpse When He Dies

A standard part of the infamous merchandise deal with Marvel. 

Tom Holland Has Herpes 

But about 80% of U.S. adults do, so who can really blame him?

Robert Downey Jr. Has Herpes

That’s who gave it to Tom Holland. Not sure why this is in the medical record.

Zendaya Has Herpes

This one’s just speculation, but at some point, she may get it (if she hasn’t already). Especially with Tom’s infamous record of letting things slip in the past! Haha

A Potential Crossover Between Spider-Man and Captain Marvel’s Dermatologist

Our insider intel suggests the MCU may have an exciting collaboration between skin doctors to battle Captain Marvel and Spider-Man’s chronic eczema. 

Marvel Cast Peter Parker With Comic Book-Accurate Blood Type

Just like in the golden age Spider-Man comics, the MCU version of Peter Parker has type AB- blood

Tom Holland Recently Signed on to Eight More Marvel Movies

This can be assumed from the large “SUICIDE RISK” written under his doctor’s mental health notes.

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