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Deal Alert: This Thrift Store Anime Figure Is Only Missing One Limb

Good news, figure fiends! The local Goodwill’s just announced that they finally have a fresh, but limited, restock of 2005’s hottest anime figures after a recent donation, most likely made by an accomplished adult who’s outgrown what is currently your most cherished and expensive hobby or an empty nester dumping out their child’s lot that couldn’t even conjure a single inquiry on Craigslist. And this just in, most of them are only missing one limb each!

“You won’t find a Rei Ayanami at a better price anywhere. That’s a fact,” said anime enthusiast Matt LeClair, who showed up to take advantage of the sale. “And so what if she’s got an arm or a leg chewed off? It’s more faithful to the series! Hell, get an armful of ‘em if you can, take ‘em home and stick ‘em in some orange Jell-O, and boom — perfect little diorama. It’s like most of the work is already done for you!”

Spencer Swaine, a friend of LeClair’s, had a more grounded take on the bargain.

“Look, it’s hard being into this stuff on a budget. I’ve had to walk my tastes back an easy ten years just so my collection reflects what I watch,” said Swaine in line with a fully bald Naruto figure. “Between rent, my bills and student debt it’s hard to keep up. This is the best I can do right now. I can’t even afford Crunchyroll. Jesus, I can’t even afford KissAnime.”

Store manager Ryan Avery seemed pleased with the sale’s returns and shared his secret for how he was able to push product at such a volume.

“Ever since we hired Randy to come in over the weekends, it’s been a total life saver,” said Avery with a smile. “See when we get these things in, they’re typically brand new. Still in the package, not a spec on ‘em. Totally intact! But we know not a soul that shops here would ever want that, so ole’ Randy comes in on the back shift and gets them in order. Peels the paint, tears off the hands, feet, face plates, mixes the accessories in with the McDonald’s toys. Just the way our customers like it!”

And hey check this out: it’s been announced that next weekend’s door crasher will feature a vast collection of rare and imported PlayStation 2 titles, and only three quarters of the stock will be missing the disc. The deal of a lifetime!

Photo by Pedro de Matos.