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David Zaslav Sells WB Frog to 8th Grade Science Class

LOS ANGELES – In his latest high IQ business movie, Warner Brothers Discovery CEO, David Zaslav, has sold Michigan J. Frog (known as the WB Frog) to a needy 8th grade science class. Warner Brothers Discovery confirmed their latest sale in an internal email to workers obtained by Hard Drive.

“We would like to thank Michigan J. Frog for all his hard work over the years with WB. He danced right into our hearts and there he will forever stay,” the email from Zaslav reads. “This was not an easy decision to make as I really wanted to sell a human employee to the school instead but legal got all over me about it.”

According to sources inside the company Frog is heading to Wheaton Middle School in Wheaton, Wyoming. There he will work closely with Mr. Cramer’s 8th grade science class.

“This is a great opportunity for us. Administration cut our science budget for the year, so when David made me this offer, I leaped at it,” confirmed Mr. Cramer, an educator entering his 12th year of teaching at Wheaton. ”It’s tough in school right now. Administrators are refusing to pay for the basic supplies needed for success in the classroom. My kids needed frogs, and my god Mr. Cramer’s going to find a way to get them frogs.”

Michigan J. Frog, while reportedly upset by the sale, is hopeful the change of scenery will be good for him and his career.

“Sure, I’ll be working with the science class, but the arts and music departments at this school are some of the best in Wyoming,” Frog said with hat in hand. “I’ll help out with science during school hours and then volunteer my time with the dance team after school. This isn’t the last time you’ll be hearing the name, Michigan J. Frog.”

At press time, the tune of Hello My Baby could be heard in Mr. Cramer’s 8th grade science class before abruptly coming to an end.

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