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Chris Pratt Finally Nails Down Mario Voice In Garfield Movie Trailer

HOLLYWOOD — Two years after being cast in the role of Mario in The Super Mario Bros Movie, Chris Pratt has finally perfected his voice for the character just in time for The Garfield Movie.

“The actual Mario movie itself was sort of a dry run for me to try some stuff out for the character, experiment a little bit, see what works,” explained Pratt. “Big thanks to Miyamoto-san for letting me get weird with it! Now, I am pleased to announce that I have fully acclimated to the role just in time to be playing Garfield.”

Fan response was divisive.

“Wait, what about his Garfield voice?” asked Garfield fan Brady Ranney in the comments of the trailer. “I was really looking forward to this movie. I wanted him to sound like Garfield, not Mario, but I guess it’s kind of a wash in the end since both characters just sorta sound like Chris Pratt talking normally.”

Pratt reassured fans’ concerns in a follow-up video.

“Growing up, I spent hours of my life eating… lasagna,” said Pratt, seemingly trying to remember aspects of the character he was cast as. “I used to read Garfield comics every day, I can’t wait to see what mischief me and Charlie Brown will get into in this movie!”

At press time, Pratt ended an interview with the press by letting out an absolutely pitch perfect “Wahoo!!”