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Boogie2988 Confirms Girlfriend Technically Old Enough to Join His Steam Family

49-year-old famous YouTuber Boogie2988 announced today that despite public criticism implying the contrary, his girlfriend is technically old enough to join his Steam Family, sources still feeling generally uneasy about the situation confirmed.

“In most states you can share games with anyone over the age of 16 – but she’s already 21,” Boogie said online, a few weeks before his girlfriend’s 21st birthday. “Steam family sharing and any potential IRL couch co-op is completely legal.”

Online commenters said although the relationship was likely in line with local laws and Steam’s code of conduct, it made them a little uncomfortable nonetheless.

“What do a 21-year-old and 49-year-old have in common? What do they talk about?” one online commenter who goes by DanTheMan91, said. “On the other hand the dude has a ton of games. Can I join his steam family too?”

Debra Hessinger, head of Standard’s psychology department, says that the traditional nuclear Steam family is changing.

“It used to be that a man and a woman had one collection of games, which they shared with their children,” she said. “Now it seems older men prefer to share games with women who recently were – but technically no longer are – children. Completely legal, but a fascinating sociological change which should be studied.”

At press time, the Cut was preparing an op-ed from a young woman arguing the merits of joining an older man’s Steam family.

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